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Do you already know Avfast’s Road Transport Service to France?


Do you already know our International Distribution Service to France with a transit time of 48 hours?

To respond to the increased demand for exports to France from Portugal, we have focused our team on providing you with the best transport solutions for this destination. Portugal has seen its exports increase to this country, and it now represents the second largest share of international exports, although the country to which we export the most is our neighbor Spain. Exports to France represent around 12% of total exports, and in the first half of 2023, they were those that recorded the highest growth, 11.4%, equivalent to 790 million euros, according to AICEP. Therefore, we are attentive to the market and want to help the country increase this number.
If you have a business in Portugal and want to place your product on the French market quickly and safely, we have several services at your disposal that can help you. We have different transit times in our International Transport options.

We have daily departures to France, which include Road and air transport solutions, that can help your business prosper in France. Our solutions give you a guarantee of effective, careful and personalized delivery. Contact our team to transform your goals into efficient deliveries. We offer the following services for Transport to France:

- International Express;

- International Standard;

- Truck Service.

The Avfast France service allows you to send your goods by Road quickly, dedicatedly and at the best prices. You can consult our International Distribution services here.

You can speak to our team today and we will analyze your request quickly so you can start exporting to France today! We help transport Portugal to France!

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