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Transport your goods anywhere in the world with Avfast!


Avfast wants to be your internationalization partner! Have you ever thought about upscaling your Business in 2024? Put your goals into practice for the year that has just begun, with our Air Freight Transport Services offers. We have available the Transport Service that allows you to deliver your orders all over the world. Avfast has partners available to ensure that your business reaches anywhere.

We guarantee urgent deliveries throughout Portugal (and islands). In addition to the guarantee of this service, we have competitive prices for your regular shipments to Spain, France, Germany and the Netherlands. 
If your business is also located outside European Union countries, we also guarantee an excellent service and with all the necessary tools to support you through customs bureaucracy. We use Air Transport to increase the efficiency of transporting your goods. Safety, careful handling and delivery anywhere in the world are just some of its main advantages.

Talk to our team to know more about our services. Cross the borders, take advantage of our strategic location, and put export with Avfast.

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